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The reviews are in...

"American Mary Jane Johnson was spellbinding in her interpretation of Salome. Her every move and gesture was carefully and beautifully choreographed and it was not until afterwards I learnt that Miss Johnson had a dancing background as well as an operatic one---which added an exciting dimension to her performance.  Her final scene with John the Baptist's head was chillingly sinister."

Graham Harris, Sydney


January 12, 1998

“…The American singer clearly performed…sang
with absolute assurance: she did not attach a fixed gaze on the conductor, but was wholly dedicated to portraying her character and rapport with her partners and opponents.  From a purely vocal point of view, Ms. Johnson had a powerful enough voice and technique to interpret the role of Emilia Marty without shouting or forcing her voice…. She also displayed sufficient intellegence and in the final analysis also elegance to interpret credibly the part of a complicated, suffering woman…” 

Mlada frona Dnes, Prague


"The Texas soprano Mary Jane Johnson made a sensational UK debut in the title role. Her handsome figure and fair, open features combine the Madonna, the maternal and the potential Magdalene in ideal proportions, and her voice reverses the standard heroic-soprano procedure being incisive in the middle register and unfailingly sweet and warm at the top; the high B's and C's in this hideously testing role were beautifully rounded and always part of the meaningful musical phrase, never just screeched.  Her singing throughout was as musical as her acting was sincere, generous and aware.  Here is an outstanding talent that must be nursed and preserved with the greatest care." 


The Financial Times, London 

"The cast was dominated by Minnie in the person of Mary Jane Johnson, making a sensational British debut.  She looked perfect, balanced the mousy and the spirited sides of the character convincingly (she is a skilled, generous actress) and sang like a dream, her top athletic yet easy on the ear and her middle register full of body and colour (words projected with ideal clarity)."   

Fanciulla del West


"American soprano Mary Jane Johnson in the title role has made Turandot very much her own and her interpretation of the imperious daughter of heaven, alternating between smouldering sensuality and frigidity, owes as much to her feel for drama as it does to her impressive voice.


David Wadham,  The Chronicle, Australia